Hotel : Crowne Plaza, Venice, Italy

Address : Viale della Resistenza, 18, 30020 Quarto d'Altino VE,Italy

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Venice has more than 270.000 inhabitants and is the capital of Veneto Region and Veneto Province in north-east Italy. It was also historically an independent nation and the capital of the Serenissima Venetian Republic for more than a thousand years and known because of this as the "Serenissima". Venice is world-famous for its canals it is built on an archipelago of 118 islands formed by about 150 canals in a shallow lagoon. Venice is universally considered to be the most beautiful city in the world because of this unusual urban design and its inestimable artistic heritage. In the old centre, the canals serve the function of roads, and every form of transport is on water or on foot. Places to attend in Venice: Piazza San Marco, Doge's Palace, Hall of the Great Council, Rialto Bridge and some other places.

The GFPWH Conference is scheduled for September 05-07, 2019, Venice, Italy. GFPWH conference draws 300 Researchers, professionals, Students and caregivers offering a unique opportunity to learn the best practices and latest interventions in Pediatrics and Women health care. GFPWH 2019 conference is an excellent platform to network, showcase and advertise services, which serves as a resource for attendees during and after the conference.

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Viale della Resistenza, 18, 30020 Quarto d'Altino VE, Italy

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